Orchid Services Offering

Commercializable Technology

We pride ourselves in providing a thorough evaluation that is primarily data-driven, scientifically based and clinically validated through our extensive KOL network. Our database of contacts and technologies with whom we have relationships exceeds hundreds of companies

Technology Sourcing

  • Technology search and evaluation
  • Due diligence (Click to Learn More)
  • Clinical development planning
  • Pipeline prioritization

Transactional Consulting & Negotiation

  • Asset acquisition
  • Dormant asset partnering and monetization
  • Divestiture of non-core assets
  • Asset spin-outs
  • Corporate spin-outs

End-to-End Business Development

  • Creation of BD goals, plan, and process
  • Materials and campaign preparation
  • Outreach: including meetings, presentations, conference calls, email communications
  • Project management and lead tracking
  • Data room creation and management
  • Agreement negotiation, tracking, and finalization
  • Post deal integration and alliance management

Orchid Due Diligence Process

There are various areas that we assist in, including but not limited to, scientific rationale, data assessment, literature reviews, regulatory status/correspondence, CMC issues, clinical development plans, IP analysis, competitive landscape, market opportunity and commercialization plan, company team, capabilities and infrastructure

The Orchid due diligence process:

  • Conducting thorough, in-depth, technical and scientific assessment of the asset, including preclinical and clinical data analysis
  • Selecting a team of experts who are matched to our partners needs
  • Creating a thorough and efficient analysis of risk-mitigation
  • Providing an opinion as to whether the company or asset faces lower or higher than average risk, compared to industry averages
  • Performing “reality or sanity” checks, which can be helpful before entering into formal due diligence and can reveal areas that present greatest risk. This can then be the focus of more detailed analysis.

Sources of Technologies

Looking to partner or out-license your asset?