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Cultivate AdaptGrow



The Orchid flower belongs to one of the oldest known plant families – over the last 80M years, it has adapted unique features during its life cycle that has helped it remain one of the most diverse and bountiful flowers to win the evolutionary race. We aim to help your company adapt and evolve over time to deliver meaningful benefit to patients and stakeholders. Together, we can do this.


The Orchid Difference

A biotechnology and pharmaceutical venture studio focused on partnering with companies and supporting them at every step of their life cycle across a wide range of disciplines, including corporate development, technology sourcing and acquisition, licensing, financing support and M&A.

We have a significant industry track record, distinguished team, and strong industry and financing relationships, as well as the technical capabilities to cover a variety of technological and therapeutic areas.

Using our internal resources and broad network of experienced life science executives and consultants, Orchid Bioventures focuses its services on assisting development-stage life science companies and investors in obtaining necessary resources in three core areas: technology, capital, people.

Working with Partners to support the 3 Pillars of Successful Biotechnology Companies: Technology, Capital, People.

We partner with companies that have transformative technologies that have the potential to greatly impact patient care but may require strategic repositioning, capital or resources to progress

Strategic Services

Orchid’s expertise is working with companies and development programs that may be undergoing a significant strategic shift and could benefit from a fresh/experienced perspective.

Commercializable Technology

Technology Sourcing, Transactional Consulting and Negotiation, End-to-End Business Development.

Sufficient Capital

Hibiscus Capital Management, Capital Identification, Investor Relations.

People and Partners

Supporting Existing Teams, and Building New Teams.

Our Partners

At Orchid we have helped bring products closer to patients. Our relationships range from start-ups to multi-billion dollar companies and we help companies across both ends of the spectrum.

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